Hi there! I’m Andrea Gerson, the founder of RS Works, a digital platform for workforce development professionals. Our mission is to help job counselors position their clients for higher-paying, self-sustaining employment.

I’d like to tell you a story that a career counselor recently shared with me.

Amy works with people with barriers to employment. Her clients often come to her with incomplete educational credentials and long histories of working in low-paying jobs.

This particular client was different. He had specialized aircraft training, and a solid work history – from another country.

Amy had spent months working with him to get interviews, but they weren’t getting anywhere. I’ll let her share in her own words:

As soon as I got access to RS Works, I reworked his resume using the templates. Since then, he’s been flown out for interviews across the country. He just landed three offers – and is going to accept a role that pays $85,000. This is incredible! He came to see me with a simple resume and wasn’t getting callbacks or any responses. He’s now able to be more competitive in requesting the salary he deserves.”

Have your clients had great results with RS Works? If so, please email me their stories!